Food Fundamentalists Want Your Body and Soul (and Your Money?!)

No matter whether it is political, religious, cultural or specifically food related extremism, fundamentalist rigidity and ideological stubbornness are bad news for all rational, thinking and intelligent people, never mind the planet.

Perhaps with the exception of refined sugar (originally used as a spice due to its cost and now equivalent to poison because of the vast quantities with which it is consumed in every comer of the globe),  no food group should be dismissed per se. And yes, this does include carbohydrates containing foods as long as they are natural and have not been tampered with by an increasingly irresponsible food industry.  

Believe it or not, carbohydrates are not made by the devil. They are normal nutrients found in the huge variety of natural foods humans have been eating for thousands of years. Foods containing carbohydrates formed the basis of our diets since we were living in caves. Humans are, should and will always be omnivores.

As with their political, religious and other extremist cadres beware of the food extremist telling you otherwise. Beware the food terrorist trying to vilify a particular food group promising you all your food related problems will go away if you just exclude that specific food, nutrient or group from your diet.  

Why should you beware of false food prophets? Because extremism is stupid and unhealthy. Because fundamentalists abhor your forming and having your own opinion based on scientifically proven facts not fiction, wishful thinking, superstition, unfounded assumptions or a lopsided but ever so convenient interpretation of scientific data, never mind religious books. They cannot stand the thought of your thinking independently. They hate the idea you would be using your brain to reflect and decide using logic. Extremists and fundamentalists want nothing more than dictate what you should believe in, who to vote for and, oh horror, what to eat (and what not).  

The likes of Noakes, Banting promoters and other food extremists come and go, at the latest when they have made enough money off a gullible public that prefers to believe extremist views rather than change their eating habits in a healthy way. There is no secret to good, healthy nutrition. You should and you can eat well.

Eating well and losing weight is not rocket science, but takes common sense and adequate information on facts not fiction: eat less, exercise more. There are no short-cuts. Sorry, I know, it’s a no-brainer, but let’s repeat it none-the-less: to lose weight you need to eat less and exercise more. But it is indeed also very important what you put in your mouth. Just as you would not dream of filling the tank of your expensive sports car with dirty petrol (or worse) you need to feed your body quality food, not junk.

Eat healthily, don’t die(t). How? By eating a large variety of foods that are as fresh and unprocessed as possible. Eat food that has not been adulterated by a food industry mostly lacking a conscience but rather hell-bound on making a profit while recklessly compromising your health.

Sounds familiar? Yep, just read up on the tobacco companies’ decade-long denials and the history of their criminal behaviour. Eat less. East fresh. Cut out the sugar and reduce those items in your diet that are made with white flour.

To declare that carbohydrates found in unrefined flour and whole grain have the same effect on your health as white sugar is unproven, unscientific, illogical, irresponsible and plain dumb.  But it does nicely match extremists’ views of what and how you should eat. Who’s the devil here? Use your brain and don’t fall into the trap set by food fundamentalists. Think first, then eat. Bon appétit.