Tired of the stalkers?

And there he is again. Lurking in the shadows, hidden in the foliage of the technology jungle, anonymously watching me, following me. His intentions are selfish, interested only in a game dictated by his rules. I’ve tried reporting his harassing behaviour but nobody cares. How long is the terror going to continue? What can I do to get rid of this uninvited, unwanted and obnoxious element in my life impossible to avoid?

Creepy, isn’t it?  Many of us are lucky enough never having had such an experience in real life. But more and more of us are beginning to understand what the victim of a stalker is going through.

As I did this morning: yet another sms to sell me car insurance, a personal loan or voucher specials, telling me of an exciting draw I have been included in by Coca Cola or Nokia or xyz. Companies using your cell phone number without your consent are nothing but electronic stalkers, obnoxious, unwanted. They use technology to harass you, take away your time you, bother you with things you don’t want and don’t need.  You cannot even block them. When you try you only get “this cell phone number does not exist”. Demanding from your service provider to be taken off all mailing lists does not work. Every time I tried it I am assured I would not be getting any more unwanted sms messages. Fat chance! It’s like being stalked, identifying your stalker, pointing him out to the relevant authorities and nobody cares or bothers to make him stop his harassing behaviour. You are on your own.

As citizens and customers we have rights. We should start boycotting companies that engage in stalking their customers online and by phone. Stand up for your rights. Tell them what you think of stalkers. Stop buying their products, stop using their services. Denounce them in public. Nothing else will work because the powers to be don’t care or, worse, benefit. Together we can help prevent the stalker from hiding behind the “free market” market.